Marketing and social media activities for Xiaomi on the Austrian and German market.

Xiaomi is a Chinese electronics company headquartered in Beijing, and the fourth-largest smartphones manufacturer in the world. It is represented in more than 70 countries and regions and known for smartphones and innovative technologies, as well as home devices at affordable prices.


since 2018

Beijing, China



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Creative concepts & Content strategies
Campaigns & Product launches
Media planning
Roll out & channel activation
Editorial themes & planning
Asset Design
Print design
Content creation
Campaign execution
Channel set up & activation
(social media, events, cooperations)


The mission
Xiaomi is well-known in Asia and wants to assert its positioning as a highly qualitative innovative and accessible brand on the European market. Together with Xiaomi’s distribution partner Tekpoint, we were mandated to support the launch of Xiaomi and Xiaomi Eco (Xiaomi’s smart-devices line) in Austria and to generate awareness among the Gen Z, while communicating about the brand and new products on the market.

For Xiaomi Eco we support all marketing and social media activities in Austria and Germany.

Our approach
In our work for Xiaomi, we focus on generating awareness by creating engaging campaigns supported on social media and by affinitary cooperations to build a community of engaged fans and followers. We create online UGC campaigns for product launches, social media contests and raise general brand awareness, focused on the Austrian market for the smartphone line and on Germany and Austria for the smart devices lines Xiaomi Eco.

“We want users to enjoy better products at an affordable price.”
— Lei Jun, Xiaomi founder

Dein Mi, dein Österreich.


The idea
Dein Mi, Dein Österreich — An instagram photo contest celebrating the diversity of the landscapes and urban life of Austria. Participants posted their picture on Instagram with the campaign hashtags. Thanks to selected partners we could offer attractive prices from travel- and lifestyle categories. The winners got selected by a jury after the contest had ended.

The execution
We created a landing page to introduce the rules of the contest, our partners, influencers and jury. The landing page offered a brand experience, encouraging the shares and reach. Sponsored ads, instagram posts, stories, as well as facebook posts where pushed to support the launch.


The results