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Founder Story

ffine was born between straight drinks and dirty dishes. It was in the lovely city of Bielefeld at a small bar down town in 2013 when Dirk and I met. We quickly found out about our common sense of aesthetics and point of view on design, spending hours talking about our creative visions. It was almost scary how much we had in common.

DS: At that time, we were both at the premises of our respective careers. Me as a communication designer, finishing my studies and realizing first client projects, Ira as a design intern at a Germany-famous fashion company. I have always wanted to change the way people think about design and make them understand the impact it has in our daily lives, how it interferes with our environment. Eventually it is not there just to be pretty.

IB: Exactly! Design has a tremendous impact on marketing and communication. It is not just about a specific promotion, it tells much more about the brand or the individual behind: Who am I? What are my values? What does my company stand for and what do I want my consumers to feel when they interact with my product and service?

DS: Straight from the beginning, we constantly rechallenged projects. We tend to strip down our clients beliefs to the essentials and jointly rebuild their vision. Our approach is not always welcome. But this is who we are, we listen, embrace and rechallenge.

IB: "Always stay true to our beliefs and always focus on the details." — this was our agreement when we started ffine, and still is. We have a lot of respect for founders, we understand what it takes to set up a business and have experienced the risks that come along.

DS: Still, our ambition to educate the world and especially Germany on the importance of design is worth the risks. Eventually we just said „ffine — just do it!“

Ira Brinkmann & Dirk Sonnenberg